Come Sing, Come Pray, Come Play!


"Well song" has multiple meanings

As we crack open to the ever-present bubbling well-spring of the Source of Life through the practice of singing prayerful songs, we participate in the healing of ourselves and each other, and bring well-ness to our communities and our world through song.

Singing is our practice, songs are our prayers. 

Deep Well Song is a family for those who long to worship at the altar of life through song! We sing about joy, love, the Earth, each other, our hopes, our longing, our sadness, our anger, our emptiness, our seeking, and our not-knowing. The work we do here is centered around honoring What Is, which means our grief as well as our joys, our heartache as well as our celebration. We can’t be whole and we can’t be well if we don’t acknowledge the suffering that Is, and we can’t be whole and we can’t be well if we don’t acknowledge the beauty that also very much Is! Through the precious containment that is the instrument of our own bodies and the transformational spaces that form when we come together, intentionally turning toward the sacred, we sing the prayers of our hearts into being to heal, to love to be with What Is

Deep Well Song creates spaces to ask some deep questions: What is this well that brings forth life? If I’m the vessel, what/ who wants to bubble up through me? What does it mean to be well for me in this body, for us as a collective in this world? What are some simple ways I can tend this whole-ness and well-ness within myself and in my community? We hope you will join us in this prayerful exploration of song, sound and the practice of singing together!



Well Song Circle was an incredible experience for me. I’ve had a fraught and tortured relationship with singing for most of my life, but when I sat in this quiet, dark circle hearing songs of the earth, songs of remembering and embodying, all that ebbed away. For the first time I felt like I was capable of making beautiful sounds among others doing the same. Hannah’s leadership is kind and gentle, yet she was also able to pull out of me a resonance I didn’t know was there. I floated all the way home and have been waiting impatiently for the next chance to sing with Hannah again!” - Annie H.