Sing, for this is food our hungry world needs. ” - ~ Hafiz
Magical? Mystical? Ethereal? It’s difficult to describe the experience of singing with Hannah Jeffery, song leader of Deep Well Song. I am completely transported by the beauty of our blended voices in the warm, welcoming space of this woodland yurt. In the blink of an eye, Hannah brings us from hearing a song for the first time to sounding as though we have known it forever. Her teaching style is gentle, playful, and non-judgmental. Singing with Deep Well Song is appealing and comfortable for a wide range of skill levels. I am deeply grateful to have found Hannah and Deep Well Song. ” - Judith Englander S. Strafford, VT

Song Circle!

Tuesday, May 16th 6-7:30pm Windsor

You are invited to join your voice in kinship with other voices, to co-create a beautiful tapestry of sound and harmony. We sing songs of Earth, humanity, blessing, grief, joy, heartbreak, and LOVE! As the Singing Alive folks say, just as flowers need bees to pollinate them, songs need people to carry their tunes and messages. May you be called to add your unique instrument to this Holy symphony! 

No prior singing or musical experience necessarily. If singing brings you joy and delight, please come! If you have a challenging relationship with your voice, but you know deep down, it ultimately feels good to sing, please come! If you even have an inkling of curiosity, please come! 

Individual Voice Lessons

Sliding scale $25-45/hr or trade by appointment

Explore the magic and beauty of your own unique, amazing voice together with Hannah. These lessons differ from traditional voice lessons in that I'm much more focussed on exploring how singing feels in the body, working through energetic and emotional blockages to using our voice, and exploring the magic and power of our own voices, rather than learning a specific kind of vocal production.

For beginners, we'll go over the basics of the human voice, anatomy and vocal health. We'll learn the different parts of voice and how to activate them. We can learn everything by ear, or learn how to read sheet music if that is of interest. For intermediate students, we'll dive into different traditional singing styles. This is a chance to explore your roots and sing the songs your ancestors sang.

Ultimately, I want to support you in your journey to feel comfortable and confident with your own voice. I believe that when we connect to our own authentic voice, we can create magic. I am so here to help craft vocal coaching sessions to support you in finding, embodying and loving your voice. Schedule a free 15 minute consultation to see if learning with me is for you!