Come Play!

Ritual grew up in sacred play; poetry was born in play and nourished on play; music and dancing were pure play…. We have to conclude, therefore, that civilization is, in its earliest phases, played. It does not come from play…it arises in and as play, and never leaves it.” - Johan Huizinga, Dutch historian 1872–1945

Museum of Play

Parties, Gatherings & celebrations

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Remember the joy of our childhood birthday parties--the anticipation of the music stopping and racing toward a chair, or cards slamming on the table and desperately reaching for a spoon? Remember the thrill of Field Day and the friendly heated competition of summer camp Olympics? There is no reason why our parties as adults cannot include games, dress-up, and creative expression! It's ok if you don't know how to do it. That's why you call upon the Goddess of Play! With a literal lifetime of experience playing any and all games from capture-the-flag to theatre improv to collective story writing, to talent shows, Hannah aka Goddess of Play, is here to help you craft a meaningful, fun, unforgettable party to share with those you love the most!

We long for real connection with those whom we love and unfortunately, the outlets for celebration in our mainstream culture just don't lend themselves to this level of authentic connection. Do you have a major birthday coming up? Are you tired of relying on alcohol to get people uninhibited enough to participate in "fun things"? What kind of gathering are you wanting to host? What elements would you like to weave? What are your happiest memories of play from childhood? Let's explore your particular flavor of fun for you and your dear ones and what hiring me as your Fun Facilitator would entail.

Sacred Theatre Play Group


Remember playing "house" as a kid and how much emphasis we put on delegating and maintaining our roles? What if we never stopped this play? What if our adult lives are simply a continuation of this role-playing, albeit with higher stakes?

In the safety and containment of this held space, participants have an opportunity to explore both internal parts such as "The Fierce One" and "The Good Boy" and external roles i.e. "The Raging Wife" and "The Pushover Employee". This practice touches on "parts work" with a temperate awareness of both the Voice Dialogue and Internal Family Systems (IFS) frameworks. Participants take turns both witnessing and being witnessed in this sacred play. There are strict "Rules of Play" for maintaining confidentiality and neutral witnessing. 

This group is an opportunity to take your internal and external struggles into the realm of the "Holodeck" so you can work through "stuff" in sessional space with the support of sacred community. This group is NOT held by a trained therapist and while the practice can be "therapeutic" and certainly cathartic, it is certainly not a replacement for therapy. Participants are responsible for agreeing to certain commitments and boundaries around self-conduct within the group.